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            Content Planning Workshop


            • 1 x 7 Hour Workshop Session
            • Content Planning & Strategy
            • 12 Month Action Plan
            • Pen, Notebook & USB Provided
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            Harness the power of Content Marketing at one of our Content Planning Workshops.

            Are you managing your business’s social media or news and blog platforms? Do you find yourself feeling demotivated and unsure of how you are driving content through your Website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

            We’ll show you how to plan and build your content grid for 12 months across all your channels. We will teach you to use the most efficient tools and processes to bring your concepts to life and ensure you are enabled to keep your business on the right side of the digital curve.

            Please bring the following:

            • Cellphone & Charger
            • Laptop & Charger

            Book your seat for 2019!

            • 1 or 2 delegates per company only
            • Spaces are limited
            • Minimum 4 Pax for workshop to run
            • Maximum 12 Pax per workshop
            • No refunds on cancellations
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