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            Brand Creation

            Banter?loves to create brands from scratch. And without sounding vain, we are rather good at it too.

            Brand creation is coming up with your entire visual identity, from our creative minds to your real world application. Setting the tone of your brand and communications so that you have one cohesive brand image and message.

            banter_iconBrand Identity
            This is the visual manifestation of your business. It concerns the design of the logo?and how we use imagery, typography, symbolism in the supporting stationery, in short, the visual assets which support the logo and corporate identity. Banters?creative teams clear understanding of the brands vision and end application, allow us to?create powerful visual identities and brand awareness.
            banter_iconBrand Look-and-feel
            Banter is?ready to give your brand the look and feel it needs,?offering a full corporate identity and branding kit for any start-up, or business in need of a rebrand. The term “look-and-feel” has admittedly been inspired by our digital creative – but we believe it’s pretty clear for branding too. We?dress?up your brand with a mix of typography, colour and imagery to make your identity cut through the competition.
            banter_iconBrand Roll Out
            Once you have your fantastic identity – it can be implemented?to all kinds of online and offline materials.?This is?Banters?bread and butter. Successfully taking your brand into all areas of print, design, development and signage. With over 15 years experience in all aspects of print, Banter?do it all. We’ll handle everything for you, from?design to production, to delivery.?Now how nice is that?

            Rocket your Business

            Word on the Street

            “Really appreciate all the work
            that has gone into our new brand.
            You and your team are fantastic!”
            Lauren Staples
            “Thank you?Banter? for your
            wonderful service – I really appreciate
            what you do for our Club.”
            Non Welsford
            Club Manager
            Pirates Sports Club
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